Growing up, religion wasn’t an important part of my life and spirituality was something that wasn’t even understood where I grew up. It was never really discussed in my family and I would only attend church on holidays. And if you would have asked my family if they were “spiritual” they would have likely answered ‘yes’ because for many of us, we view spirituality as being synonymous with being religious, even though those two things do not hold the same meaning. Ultimately, I grew up confused about my beliefs which inevitably led me to not really believing in anything.

One thing I do know is that I never felt a strong connection with the belief in God. Although I knew this pretty early on in my life, I never told anyone because of the stigma tied to being labeled as atheist or agnostic. With that being said, I have always believed that everything has a purpose, everything happens for a reason, and that there is a force in this universe that is bigger than we are. But, again, I never believed this force to be a god in any shape or form.

I don’t recall where my spiritual journey began, but after moving to California, it was something that I was genuinely curious about. What is spirituality? How does one practice spirituality? This is when I was introduced to spiritual beliefs, which ultimately led me to manifestation. Manifestation is really what this blog post is all about, but I felt it was important to share context around my spiritual and religious background first. Don’t you worry – we’ll get into manifestation shortly.

I’ll be honest with you: I was a huge skeptic in the beginning of my journey with spiritually. A lot of things seemed too good to be true and were just a little ‘out there’ for me. The law of attraction, energy, and the universe sending you messages… this was all a little too ‘woo-woo’ for me, if you know what I mean. During one of my lower points in life, I decided I needed to make a change. I decided to stop being so skeptical and to start having an open mind. After I opened my heart to certain aspects of spirituality, I began to feel happier. A weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

I started reading books and listening to podcasts about spirituality, and began learning about different things I could practice on a daily basis to ultimately live a happier life. Yoga became part of my weekly routine, which was never something I thought I would love. Meditation started playing a big part in my daily routine, which was something I never thought I’d be able to do because of my anxiety issues.

My journey allowed me to choose what I believed in, rather than other people telling me what I should believe in. Many of us turn to religion and spirituality because we want to believe in something bigger than ourselves. We want to find purpose to life and lean on our beliefs to lead a happier life. I was excited that I had found something that gave me this purpose. I was happy to have found something that gave me a sense of hope and faith that I had lacked throughout my life.

What is manifestation?

The-Universe-Has-Your-backManifestation was a term I had seen numerous times, but the concept never resonated with me. It wasn’t until I read The Universe Has Your Back that it finally caught my attention. Simply put, manifestation is to bring something forth into your physical life by using your thoughts, feelings, or beliefs. Going back to my skeptical self, anytime I would come across this concept my initial thought was, “This sounds legit. Let me just think really hard about something and watch it come to life!”

Did you catch my sarcasm there?😏

During this time, I made the choice to move to Chicago and was deep in the woes of job hunting. As many of you know, finding a job in a city you don’t live in is not easy. In addition to that, I was going to move out of my administrative background, and into the marketing world.

One night, I sat on my living room floor feeling totally defeated. I had applied for maybe 30 jobs and got no response, and I was extremely frustrated. Then, I remembered what I had read about manifestation. I thought, “What the hell, why not!” I sat on the floor and closed my eyes as I began to imagine what my next job would be like. What would it feel like? Who would I work with? What sort of culture would it have? I asked, and answered, all of these questions and painted a picture in my head. I imagined things in great detail, from how I thought the office would look to seeing myself walking in on my first day and imagining what it would feel like. One thing that was incredibly important to me was a strong emphasis on company culture. I also wanted to work with people my age and for a company that understood the importance of work/life balance. Every night for the next month or so, I would reserve a few minutes during my meditation and imagine my next job.

About 1 month later, I got a job offer from the company I currently work for. And guess what? The culture is incredible. I work with a ton of people around my age, and for people who understand and put emphasis on a work/life balance. The office is better than I could have ever imagined and the work I do is fulfilling. I honestly feel like I landed the job I had imagined. This was my first experience with manifesting something into reality, but at the time I didn’t look much into it. It sparked a curiosity, but I boiled it down to coincidence and luck.

Fast forward–> 

I now live in Chicago and was recently in the process of finding a new apartment. I’ve never had the opportunity in my adult life to look for a place to live all on my own. I’ve always either lived with my parents or with friends who already had a house or apartment and I moved in. So finding an apartment that I really loved was very important to me. I wanted the place I live to be somewhere I am excited about and somewhere I can really settle in after having moved countless times over the years.

Over about a month’s time, I had looked at countless apartments and none were working out. Either the price was too high or it didn’t have the features I wanted (i.e. a washer dryer in unit because I am SO over coin laundry!). I felt like I was going to have to sign for an apartment that I wasn’t excited about, or that didn’t have everything I wanted. Needless to say, I began to feel frustrated.

I discussed the situation with a friend. During our talk, I jokingly said, “Maybe I need to manifest an apartment!” My comment got a laugh and an eye-roll. Little did they know I was being dead serious haha. The next day, after one more apartment not working out, I thought what the hell, what’s the worst that can happen?

Sounding familiar?

For the next week, I spent 10 minutes every day imagining what my apartment would look and feel like. Here’s what I wanted and envisioned: a 650 square foot, one bedroom apartment – not too big and not too small. It would have washer dryer in unit and an open layout from the kitchen into the living room. I didn’t need to be on the top floor, but I wanted a view. The building would have a pool and a community area that I could work from comfortably on days that I wouldn’t go into the office. This is exactly what I wanted, so this is exactly what I imagined.

At the end of that week, I reached out to an apartment building that originally had been far out of my budget. The tricky part about apartment searching is that circumstances change on a daily basis. One day there’s an apartment available and the next day it’s gone. One day the building is having a rent special and the next day they’re not. One building told me they were having a rent special on one bedroom apartments, bringing the price down to that of a studio, so I went in for a showing. And what do you think they had available? A 640 square foot, one bedroom apartment, with washer dryer in unit, an open layout from the kitchen to the living room, and a beautiful view. The building has an outdoor pool and a space that I can work from. The apartment that I found was almost exactly as I had “wished” for.


If I’m being totally transparent, this blog post was written on a whim. I had something else prepared, but after having this apartment situation happen I felt compelled to share my experience. There have been many synchronicities happening in my life lately, and I was moved to take a deeper look into these situations. I believe there is power in saying, “ I want this no matter what and I choose it completely.”

These two situations I experienced may have been totally coincidental, but something in my heart tells me they weren’t. As mentioned, I believe everything happens for a reason, and I think I found this job and landed this apartment for a reason. I don’t believe I was able to manifest these two things simply because I wanted them. I believe I manifested them because I needed them and because they were sincerely and truly meant for me. The job I have now couldn’t be a better fit for who I am and the skills I have. And while I haven’t moved into my apartment yet, I can already feel myself feeling so at home and comfortable, which is something I haven’t felt in a very long time.

I’m not saying everything you think about will come to fruition. But I do believe that if you want something badly enough and that whatever it is that you want was truly meant for you and meant for your journey, that you will receive what you ask for. Trust me when I say that I know how this sounds. I can feel my old skeptic self cringing at that statement. But if those two experiences taught me anything, it’s that believing is stronger than anything.

Spirituality and opening my mind to spiritual practices has helped me tremendously in life. Yoga and meditation have had the most profound impact on my anxiety and depression. Practicing gratitude and living life with a positive attitude has made me a much happier person. There are many things you can do that can drastically improve your life if you open up your heart and mind. I definitely want to take more time to share my experiences because I started out like many of us do: skeptical. But now, I’m a believer.

So I’m curious: what has been your experience with manifestation? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Would love to know your thoughts and feelings on this topic!

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