We’ve all heard the phrase, “it’s the little things that count” and I totally believe that. Little things, done regularly can almost be more helpful than the bigger things you do only occasionally. When you have anxiety like mine, it becomes even more important to find little, simple things that you can do on a daily basis to help boost your mood in times of need. Here are some that help me:

  1. Call a friend/family member
  2. Force yourself to smile
  3. Think of 5 things you are thankful for
  4. Think of 5 things you are proud of yourself for (this doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Sometimes I’m proud of myself just for getting out of bed!)
  5. Drink a hot cup of tea or coffee
  6. Listen to your favorite song or artist
  7. Color (this is unbelievably therapeutic!)
  8. Take 5 deep breaths
  9. Stretch it out
  10. Dance it out
  11. Listen to a feel-good podcast
  12. Watch your favorite movie or tv show
  13. Yoga (I run through 2 sun salutations in times of stress)
  14. Meditate (even if for just 5 minutes)
  15. Light some candles
  16. Take a bath or hot shower
  17. Pamper yourself: paint your nails (or go get them done!); put on a face mask
  18. Read a book
  19. Google “inspirational quotes” and read a few
  20. Organize (your closet, under your bed, your kitchen… whatever!)
  21. Have a glass of wine (or make yourself a smoothie!)
  22. Cry it out (sometimes you just need to!)
  23. Compliment the next person you see
  24. Exercise
  25. Make your favorite meal
  26. Meet up with a friend
  27. Play a game (video game or have friends over for game night!)
  28. Go for a walk/run/hike/play basketball/ride a bike (or whatever other activity you like to do outside!)
  29. Go to the beach
  30. Do your makeup
  31. Get a massage (or give yourself one if you can)
  32. Write
  33. Look at old, happy pictures
  34. Buy fresh flowers
  35. Eat healthy food
  36. Hug someone
  37. Kiss someone
  38. Take a nap
  39. Go to your favorite store
  40. Buy yourself a present

I hope this gave you some ideas and I hope that at least one of these things helped to boost your mood!

What would you add to this list?

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